Alcohol Policies

University Policies

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol Policy: This Policy establishes the standards and regulations regarding alcohol use at the University and by Campus Members (students, student organizations, employees, and visitors), both on and off campus.

Alcohol Policy at-a-glance for students.

The Instrument of Student Judicial Governance

The Instrument of Student Judicial Governance: Also known as the “Honor Code” or “The Instrument,” this policy outlines the standards of behavior for all UNC student, specifically regarding driving while under the influence.

File a Report

File a Report: Any person may report a potential violation to The Office of Student Conduct.

State & Local Laws

There are local ordinances and state laws that establish behavior expectations around alcohol.

Underage Drinking/Fake ID

  • Underage Drinking, Purchasing, Consumption, Fake ID to get into alcohol establishment, etc. – All of this is found in one statute, – NCGS § 18B-302.
  • Another Fake ID Statute we sometimes see is NCGS § 14-100.1. This is just the act of possessing a Fake ID, unlike the aforementioned statute which is using a Fake for purposes of entering an establishment that sells alcohol.
  • Occasionally, people are charged with a felony as a result of a Fake ID, specifically, NCGS § 14-100, which is obtaining property by false pretenses.

Open Container

  • We most often see if charged as a city ordinance, specifically C.O. 3-3 (this is the link to chapter 3 of the ordinances, which covers a lot of city offenses for alcohol). This only applies to unfortified wine and malt beverages, not liquor.
  • Open containers of liquor would be covered in the state statute in NCGS § 18B-301.
  • Open containers in cars prohibited by NCGS § 20-138.7.

Misc. City of Chapel Hill Alcohol Violations

DWI Laws

  • NCGS 20-138.1 – DWI (the actual crime of DWI)
  • NCGS 20-179 – the statute that sets out sentencing and aggravating/mitigating factors
  • NCGS 20-138.3 – driving after consuming being less than 21 (not quite the same as DWI, but similar punishment. Can be charged in addition to DWI if driver is less than 21 or on its own)
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