Welcome to the alcohol information hub for UNC Chapel Hill! This hub was created by students, faculty, and staff through UNC Student Wellness to provide information about alcohol facts, policy, data, and resources.

This website is part of the Alcohol And… campaign, which grew out of the recommendations of two main local committees:

  1. The Town/Gown Collaborative
  2. The Provost’s High Risk Alcohol Use Working Group

The campaign is based on the socio-ecological framework, which tells us that behavior, like alcohol use is influenced by individual characteristics (Alcohol and Me), interpersonal relationships (Alcohol and My Friends), organizations (Alcohol and My Campus), and policy & environment (Alcohol and My Town).

social-ecological framework
The socio-ecological framework: largest impact occurs at the outermost level

All of our messages aim to create a healthier campus norm around alcohol by providing candid, data-driven information. This website includes campaign messages, which you can find by clicking on each campaign topic in the menu above. It also includes information for faculty/staff and families, because creating a healthier campus norm is up to all of us–students, staff, families, and parents!

Who developed and manages alcohol.unc.edu?
The Provost High Risk Alcohol Use Working Group in conjunction with University students, staff, and faculty.
Who do I contact with suggestions for the website?
If you have suggestions for resources to include on the website, or other comments, please contact us.